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Younger Next Year Series – Day #4 Say No to Osteo!

I have to admit, I have never really given osteoporosis much thought.  But after reading some pretty shocking stats about the disease, and the fact that being over 50 puts me at risk, I’m thinking I better pay more attention. I guess in my mind, I am not that old, but my body may have other ideas 😉

Did you know that 20 million American women have osteoporosis and 50 % of them are at risk for breaking a bone in their lifetime!!  Roughly 300,000 women suffer hip fractures EVERY year which can result in loss of mobility, independence and even cause death! There are also thousands of reported cases of wrist and spinal fractures.

What is even more shocking is that a majority of these broken bones are preventable! Thats right, osteoporosis is optional and avoidable!

So what can you do NOW to eliminate this health threat in your life? I’m glad you asked 😉 Two areas to work on are

  • Keep your bones strong– The average American woman loses 1% of her bone mass EVERY year from the age of 30 on and if you’re lucky enough to have progressed through menopause, the pace picks up! Oh joy! We lose 2% a year in the first decade after so do the math….by the time we reach 60, we can have lost up to 30% of our bone mass! What is even crazier is that this happened silently, we don’t realize it is happening!  So here’s to lifting weights and getting more Calcium and vitamin D into our diets!
  • Don’t fall down!– Try to prevent falling (so you don’t break anything) by being more flexible, balanced and strong. Find a strength sport that you like, biking, tennis, golf, kayaking, yoga and pilates. Just keep moving and remember…strength training is critical!  


So here’s to doing what we can to stay strong, active and preventing this horrible condition. Start now since its never too late. If you need guidance and advice, I’m here to steer you in the right direction. Check here 3 Natural Ways to Build Bones for even more ideas to keep us safe.

Its up to YOU….Chose to be STRONG!

What is Osteoporosis?

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