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Younger Next Year Series Day #3 – Lets Stop Losing Muscle!

Do you know the best thing you can do for yourself to STOP losing muscle mass?  You probably guessed it, right!  Its no secret that strength training by lifting weights and resistance moves is key to not only prevent losing muscle but to resist bone loss, stop the weakening of tendons and improve your joints. And who doesn’t want that??

But do you know how often we should be lifting weights especially as we age?  Drum roll, please….at least twice but 3 times is actually optimal.  I mentioned in my blog yesterday, that we need to be exercising 6-7 times a week, so here you go, planning a weight workout 3 of those days will help give you a variety of fitness.

I know what you may be thinking, lifting weights is going to make you bulk up and look to muscular and manly. I hear it often which makes women afraid to do it. They would rather just do cardio everyday in an effort to get lean. I am here to tell you to STOP that way of thinking! Our bodies need muscle mass and unfortunately, ladies especially, we need it to protect our bodies from the aging process.

If you don’t know how to lift or where to start, reach out to someone who has experience, like myself, or ask for help if you attend a gym. Start easy, if you’re new to lifting so you don’t hurt your joints. Muscle soreness is expected and the desired effect but pain is not, so please perform exercises properly.

One reason I wanted to be certified as a personal trainer was to instruct others in proper form.  Too many times, I see people get injured and usually it is because they execute a move incorrectly, they lift too heavy, too fast or don’t modify as they should for their level.

The way I started, back in the day, was watching others at the gym and listening to trainers.   I really revved it up and became consistent when I was introduced to several at-home workouts with awesome knowledgeable trainers through Beachbody.  Listening and observing how these trainers demonstrated the moves correctly taught me so much about form, how often to show up and when to “Go heavy or go home”!

If you’re interested in checking out some of the programs I have done, click here to get a free 30 day trial and see if this would work for you too.


Benefits that Shouldn’t Be Ignored

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From Visually.

I hope you take all these stats and benefits to heart and realize that adding weight resistance exercise into your life is a crucial element to living your best life. Your body will thank you 😉