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Younger Next Year Series Day #2 – Swimming Against the Tide

Here’s a fact you may not want to accept. I know I didn’t believe it when I was told that, if I wanted to see results, I would have to show up…6-7 times a week and workout hard, at least 4 of those days. For those of us over 50, it is a MUST! I found it a harsh reality and a tough pill to swallow.

I actually starting thinking about exercise as my one-a-day pill but this was a good drug to take. Think about it, you take it everyday and it makes you FEEL great. There are no side effects except good ones, you never run out, you don’t need to alter the dosage and if you get addicted..even better. Taking this medicine for the rest of life is a gift you give yourself 😉

Tips to Jumping On Board the Fitness Train

  • Make it your new job- Don’t gradually start but go all in and treat it like you would a job. You have to show up everyday or you get fired. If you’re retired, then it is your new job 😉
  • Jumpstart your life- An attitude of “Oh I’m might try this for a few days” doesn’t cut it. Announce your plan to your family and support system to show you commitment.
  • Find a type of exercise that you know will be sustainable. Join a gym if you KNOW you will go 6 days a week or on days you can’t be outside. Try a class. Subscribe to an On Demand type of program to have access to 100’s of different programs, like Beachbody All Access.

  • Invest in a bike, good sneakers or at home equipment like hand weights, bands, pull-up bar, stability ball and yoga mat 😉
  • Schedule out your workouts for the week, month or even longer in your calendar. Make that appointment and Do NOT cancel! Make it happen no matter what!
  • Tap into a passion- Do what you have to do to get excited about what you’re going to do. Crank up the music. The beginning of a new activity may be a transition but learn to love it so you look forward to it.
  • Join a community of others with the same workout ethic and similar goals. Join a tennis club, golf league, ski club or biking group. Find a local hiking club in town. Being part of an online accountability group has been a huge inspiration for me and kept me showing up everyday!

Make it fun so you want to come back, day after day, so that your body, mind and soul will thank you 😉