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Younger Next Year Day #5 – K.I.S.S and Don’t Eat Crap!

Out of 6 rules from Dr Harry to be Younger Next Year, I think the toughest one to follow is about nutrition. Seriously, isn’t that the one aspect that so many of us struggle with? His solution maybe an easy one to remember though. It makes me thing about the acronym K.I.S.S or Keep It Simple Stupid! I say that to myself all the time and also what the good doctor recommends “Don’t Eat Crap!”

I’m sure this will not come as a surprise but did you know that our base metabolism decreases as we age? Our free ride on the fountain of youth is behind us and we have to work harder to have a good life.  A normal American woman, age 50-60, should consider eating about 1400 calories to lose weight and 2000 calories to maintain it. Add in the exercise 6 days a week and you’ll be able to eat even more. Yay!

Here’s a cool fact to be aware of..we can boost our metabolism by almost 50% with effective daily exercise. That is pretty sweet!! Think about it, if you incorporate cardio and strength training into your day, you can turn your body into a revved up machine which will burn calories as you sit around and even sleep. Who is up for that?

A Few Diet Rules to Live By

  • From this day forward, don’t refer to yourself as “being on a diet”. That is a temporary thing and we are on a journey to make healthier nutritional choices
  • Eat as many calories as you can burn
  • Make those calories count
  • Think of your food as fuel. Your body is a Lamborghini, would you fill it with cheap regular gas?
  • Portion control to stay in control. Use salad plates instead of large dinner plates
  • Use a food journal, a meal tracker or app to keep track of your daily allowances
  • Eliminate fast food
  • Start loving fish, the oilier the better
  • Rev up your metabolism by 50% with rigorous exercise
  • Quit eating white foods
  • Get off the saturated fat STAT! This fat causes inflammation that can cause heart disease, cancer and even Alzheimers disease
  • Eat fiber rich foods
  • Think of these 5 categories when meal planning, vegetables, fruits, lean meats and protein, good carbs and healthy fats.
  • Make your meals colorful


Healthy Food Choices for Healthy Skin

From Visually.

Good nutrition happens in the supermarket, not in the kitchen. Make a list of all the healthy foods to buy before you head out the door. You will be thinner and younger next year” ~ Henry Lodge, MD