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Is Weight Gain Inevitable on Vacation?

Does this sound familiar? A few weeks before your vacation, you make it a priority to lose weight, get in better shape, cut out or limit alcohol, ramp up your workouts and cook more for yourself so you will be feeling lean and mean, ready to rock your new outfits and feel comfortable in your perfect bathing suit. Your vacation finally arrives and your proud of your commitment , so happy that you set a goal and delivered on that.  Your hard work paid off and it was all worth it!

Then BAMM!! Your mindset shifts to making the best of your time. After all, you have been denying yourself to get to this point and you want live it up! After a few days of fun drinks, yummy desserts, bigger then normal portions and just not saying “No”, you feel bloated, crampy, puffy and tired. Really….what the heck?   Now some of your new outfits don’t look they did in the dressing room a week ago.  Frustration may creep in and you say “Oh, whatever, I’ll just get back on track when I get home”! When you get home, you can’t button your pants and that can land you in a downward spiral!

Let’s just say, I am raising my hand as thats what I have experienced on more than one occasion. How about if you could learn a few tips that might help you maintain what you lost in the first place?  These are some that I am mindful of and it has served me well.

5 of My Top Tips  

  • Push the fluids, more than usual, and I’m not talking alcohol 😉
  • Plan ahead to fit in fitness – walk, hike, do water sports, beach yoga, play tennis, golf or hit the hotel gym. Use a activity tracker and push for hitting your daily goal.
  • Be prepared by bringing some healthy snacks, fruit, cut up veggies with hummus, nuts, or pack a salad for the plane to avoid airport food. Bring along a healthy smoothie to enjoy as a snack.
  • Avoid dining out disasters – stick with foods that are baked, grilled and broiled. Limit foods that are full of salt and butter. Pass on the creamy, fried and super high sugar. Enjoy desserts in small doses 😉
  • Indulge in Moderation –  Many of us want to enjoy some tropical beverages but opt for lower-calorie choices such as light beer, wine spritzers, wine, champagne, or spirits mixed with soda water.
  • Pare down the portions – take small amounts of different foods, make your plate colorful, add a bunch of veggies and fruit and enjoy few bites of breads, cakes, muffins.

Here are a few more that can help click here  Once you have a strategy in place, it will help to keep you more on track, having a blast on your well deserved break and feel refreshed and ready to jump back in when you travel back home.