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The Willpower to Lose Weight and More

Willpower. Why is it do difficult for some and easy for others? Chalene talks about how willpower can impact your life on so many levels whether it be dealing with your job, fitness, nutrition and relationships. She defines willpower with what is it and what it isn’t. I find this podcast so spot on and a reminder that with some refined skills, we can train our willpower like a “muscle”. If we do some small steps to work on it, we can have a stronger willpower and more success with our goals.

Charlene breaks down what willpower is in 6 Steps:

  1. Define what you want
  2. Research
  4. Play Offense
  5. Fix Boat before Storm Hits, make a plan.
  6. Give Measure

With willpower, you CAN DO ANYTHING!!


If you would like to listen to more of Chalene Johnson, you can check out her full list of podcasts here on SoundCloud