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The Ultimate Reset Journey Begins: Recap of Week 1

When I first heard about Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset program, I was skeptical but curious.  Would it be a program that I needed since I feel as though I eat cleanly and have been focusing on my fitness for a while now?  While in Atlantis, I attended an informational session with CEO Carl Daikler and his wife, Isabel who is the co creator of Shakeology and an expert in nutrition.  All the information presented about the reset intrigued me enough to give it a shot. My husband Ed, who has cholesterol issues, also felt compelled to participate in the program.  Figuring it would be easier to do it together, we made the commitment to start April 23.  I also strongly feel that this is a program that can help thousands of people reclaim their health. I wanted first hand experience of how the system works so that I can support others through their 3 week journey and beyond.

Phase 1 of the program was interesting! All coffee, alcohol, sugar are eliminated and you gradually remove animal products and refined foods.  Many of the meals are colorful and delicious! You get to eat eggs, chicken, salmon and add different types of vegetables, oils, seasonings and spices. Many additions I had never heard of, jicama (my new favorite), braggs aminos, seaweed, tempeh, miso and more.  I have to admit, I was getting anxious as Day 1 was drawing near but I have to say that I am surprising myself that this process is changing the way I look at meal planning and food preparation! I know that I am a creature of habit and lately my meal choices have been healthy but limited. I tend to make the same 3-4 meals for lunch and dinner every week and my breakfast is the same everyday! My weight has been pretty stable the past year and I couldn’t seem to break through my plateau. I know Shakeology was helping me with cravings and maintaining my weight. Now, I think I am learning that I have to mix up my eating just like I approach my fitness programs. I am beginning to think my body is getting use to the food I eat. I have a sneaky suspicion the reset is going to change all that.

I won’t lie, this program calls for time to plan for meals, for shopping and to prepare the food for cooking. You will be making food you may never heard of. And if you are not cooking everyday, get ready! I find myself looking ahead and making double batches since food you ate this afternoon, might be your dinner tomorrow. So now I am in a groove and doing it with Ed has been a team effort. We are definitely saving money on eating out and not drinking! Sure, you spend more with the food but I believe you will find it to be a wash.

So how do I feel? I did not experience the headaches and body aches that some have. I am not a coffee drinker so I think that has helped. I have felt a little more fatigued this week at times. I have slept well every night except for one.  My weight has dropped 6 pounds and Ed has lost 9 which blows my mind! I feel lighter and am having more energy on Day 7. I also need to mention that you do not exercise while on this program. While that is tough for most of us that workout daily, it is essential to let your body rest, inside and out and allow your organs to release toxins gradually without the stress that exercise can do to your body. So the time I allotted for fitness, I use to meal plan, read, spring clean and chill out. It has been a nice change.

I encourage you to do research on the Ultimate Reset and see if you think it may help you. If you decide you would like to take the journey, I will be there to support you 100%. There are also thousands of people nationwide that are all on the same journey. You will not be alone and you may just return your body to the condition it was years ago, healthy, strong and full of life!