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Super Simple Eating Hacks

Five years ago, when I made the decision to make some changes to the way I was eating, I found it a bit overwhelming. I had been faithfully going to Weight Watchers but had hit a plateau and knew that I must have been doing something wrong, for me, anyway. So I started reading books about clean eating and became a passionate label reader. It was then that I realized, I didn’t have to give up a lot of foods I was eating but just to prepare them differently or swap out a healthier version for the same thing.

Who knew that there were so many simple tricks to making meals more nutritious without giving up taste. I thought these tips were helpful. I wish I had thought about pureeing the veggies and hiding them in the tomato sauce trick when my finicky boys were little. Or the money, I could have saved on store bought salad dressing, never mind making a healthier option.


1. Replace white table salt with Himalayan Salt. It has so many more health benefits and is not bleached. It is salt in its purest form and a pretty pink 😉

2. Try Bragg’s Amino Acids instead of soy sauce. The sodium level is much less and when added to veggies, stirfry’s, soups and sweet potatoes, the flavor is amazing!

3. Buying peanut butter that just has 1-2 ingredients in it. Better yet, grind your own nut butters at    Wholefoods or Trader Joes.

4. Try baking spaghetti squash to replace regular pasta. It really makes a substantial serving and tastes great with sauce and sautéed veggies on top.