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Staying On Track When You Are Losing Control

For the past two years, I have been putting a huge focus on becoming more physically fit, losing weight and cleaning up my diet.  I had my “light bulb” moment when I attended a special event with Tony Horton and had the chance to workout with him and hear his philosophy on aging, nutrition and basically being the best you can be no matter how old you are!  For me that day was really life altering and I was on my way to “changing4good”!!! This middle age woman, approaching 50 was on a mission!

I realized that I needed structure and routine.  I had been running a few times a week and attended my local gym but really had no particular plan. I thought I was “eating good” but eventually realized it wasn’t good enough!  I committed to P90X, drinking Shakeology once a day and cleaning up my act! As you know, and can see from my transformation pictures in the My Story section, I had fantastic results! I knew I had found what worked for me! I needed someone to tell me what to do, to take the guess work out of figuring it out on my own.  All I had to do was commit and not make any excuses. Beachbody had done all the hard work by putting the program together. All I had to do was show up and PUSH PLAY every day!

Do you feel like that at times? Like you are doing so much to get healthy but things aren’t changing?  Frustration sets in and you just say “Forget about it, I guess this is how I am suppose to be”.  I am here to tell you that it is possible to change. YOU can do it! My recommendation is find a fitness program that appeals to you. Do you like to dance, lift weights, sweat like crazy or take it slow? Beachbody has something for every fitness level from beginner to athlete and all of them come with meal plans and free support.

I am reflecting on all this today because I have a confession. For the last 5 days, life has been a little crazy and made me stray from my routine.  Since doing the Ultimate Reset, which really taught me so much about routine, structure and how to eat right, I have been able to stay focused. I was challenged this weekend and while I thought  was doing pretty well as far as eating and working out, I was put into situations that I  didn’t have control. Graduation parties will do that to you!   I was scared to step on the scale and therefore, kept putting it off. Well, today was judgement day and I discovered I gained 3 pounds since Friday! UGH!! Heavy sigh!

BUT, after I had my little “mad at me moment”, I snapped out of it. I am so grateful that all the lessons I have learned from the past 2 years are right back in play today. I know that I need structure and routine, so the meals I had been doing on the Reset are on paper, the workouts are scheduled and I am on it, focused and ready to reverse things QUICK before they get out of hand. I think this is what can work for so many. If you lose control and focus, then things become too overwhelming.  Planning is key!

Tip of the Week- Don’t leave your fitness to CHANCE and don’t leave your nutrition to CHANCE! Have a plan, stay focused and stick to it! Your positive results will motivate you and keep you on track!  So when life gets in the way you won’t let it derail you!

I am here to help. Maybe the things I have learned can be the answers you are looking for!