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Saga of the Traveling Puffy Feet with Rescue Tips

Do you ever deal with occasional and annoying swelling of your feet and ankles especially when you travel? It can certainly be frustrating since it can make an impact on enjoying your trip to the fullest. I certainly don’t remember this issue in my youth or even young 20’s but once the babies came along and years of my nursing career, standing for hours, it has gotten increasingly common.

If you do suffer from this condition, please make sure you have a conversation with your doctor to make sure it is not a symptom of an underlying issue. In my case, I had an ultrasound to rule out a clot or circulation problem. As we age, our circulation can be compromised so we need some remedies to help the process.

Whether you are challenged with occasion bouts of swollen feet from everyday life or from traveling, such as my lovely feet from a recent cruise, consider these tips and see if they can work for you 😉


Top 5 Tips to Help

1 – Push fluids especially plain water

2 – Elevate while sleeping and as much as possible during the day

3 – Compression socks especially if standing for long periods

4 – Walk or bike to keep the blood in your legs pumping

5 – Limit eating out and high sodium foods

More tips to share click here.  There are some that are new to me too, which I will give a shot.

If you need a quick fix, this home remedy may do the trick 😉

As part of a 5 segment series, my hope is to share some advice, information and tips to help my fellow ladies, who find themselves feeling their bodies changing as we age. Covering topics such as hormonal changes, weight gain, hot flashes, lactose intolerances, menopause and more, I will offer ways to cope and let us live our best lives.

We are not going to age without a good fight! Who’s with me?