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Making Changes to Acquire Balance

Balance.  Isn’t it what we all strive for in life?  To lead a stress free, no worry, happy and healthy life is the ultimate challenge.  For so many, it doesn’t seem possible.  Family and career responsibilities, health issues and money concerns can make us feel like we are being pulled in so multiple directions.

I hear this statement from many friends, “I never seem to have enough time for ME”.  They never feel like they can achieve balance in their everyday life since they put themselves on the back burner all the time.

One major lesson I have learned over the past 2 years is that I need to put myself first in order for everything else to fall into place.  Once I made my nutrition and fitness a priority, things started to click.  I had more energy, more focus and attention to matters at hand.  My mind was clearer and I felt that sense of balance.

I encourage you to do the same.  Do you make time to exercise 20-40 minutes/day?  Do you take the time to plan your meals for the week, do the shopping and make time to cook?  It is so important!!  Once you get into a routine, it will seem second nature.  If you plan, you will be less apt to stop for fast food or have to go out for a bite because there is nothing to cook.  Planning will help you prevent failure.

For me, challenging myself to do P90X 2 years ago was a blessing!  The program gave me the structure I was lacking.  It was cost and time effective.  I was wasting so much time traveling to the gym and once there, lacking a plan of attack.  Cancelling my gym membership saved me money and I preferred to invest in fitness equipment that my whole family could utilize.  Believe me, I am a very social person who loves to talk so leaving the gym was tough!  I felt that I would miss the interaction but eventually learned that I was wasting time and not exercising effectively.  With Beachbody in home fitness programs, the direction and structure is there and I just Push Play 5-6 days a week.  Depending on the workout, 20-55 minutes later and DONE!!  Feeling great, accomplished and ready to tackle life!  The meal plans have taught me a lot about eating healthier.  Shakeology has improved my intake of vitamins and minerals and the support from the Beachbody community keeps me accountable.  I say it all the time, “My body never changed it’s shape till I stopped going to the gym”!

Now that Summer is creeping to a close, think about what you would like to achieve.  Maybe you are looking to get back on track, gain control of your health and be a role model for your kids.  It starts with a decision to make changes, to commit to challenging yourself and getting started.  YOU CAN DO IT!  Balance is in your future- you just have to reach out and grab it!  Much success in your journey.  I am certainly here to help!