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The M and M’s We Don’t Like As We Age

Menopause is an inevitable process that happens which most women can find difficult to deal with since the changes in our bodies become unfamiliar. Things we did to lose weight 10 years ago, may not still have the same effect. As our hormones are altered, our metabolism changes causing us to gain weight, change our body image and can lead to frustration and for many, depression.

Did you know that women can gain approximately 1 pound a year in the years preceding menopause? The distribution of weight changes for a woman during menopause as well, accumulating around the abdomen as belly fat, as opposed to the hips and thighs. Isn’t that lovely!! This is why we start to develop an apple shape instead of an appealing pear shape.

So what can we do to help boost our metabolism to avoid gaining weight during our menopausal years?

  • Increasing activity to include at least 30 minutes a day of some form of exercise helps burn calories and increases muscle mass.
  • Reduce calories and eat a balanced diet.
  • Try to limit late night snacking
  • Decrease the consumption of high fat foods.
  • Hormone replacement therapy may help but discuss with your doctor
  • Strength training will help from losing too much muscle mass which will help to continue to burn calorie.

Here are some helpful articles regarding More ways to crank up your metabolism– and also to kick up the exercise  

So whether you are just starting to see changes in your body, compared to a few years earlier, or you are already dealing with this condition, it is never too late to make a plan. Establishing a strategy to make some changes in your exercise routine, improve your diet, limit alcohol and caffeine, and better your sleeping habits can go a long way to helping you be the best version of you….no matter what age!

Please reach out if you need any help in these areas, we are all in this together 😉