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Is Shakeology Worth The Price?

I get asked this question often so I thought I would share my thoughts and how I was introduced to this.  I had the opportunity to meet Tony Horton at an event in Boston in Jun, 2010.  There was about 350 people in attendance at Bentley University. It was an amazing day and as I have said before, life changing!! He spoke of fitness, aging and nutrition among other things. Shakeology was mentioned and samples were given out. I ended up doing some follow up reading on it since I am pretty much a skeptic and was not sure that I buy in to all the supplement claims made. I was impressed with the 70+ ingredients and that it was only 150 calories and tasted pretty good! But, of course the price was holding me back since both Ed and I wanted to try it for a while.

Let me preface this by telling you a little bit about Ed and the concerns I had for his nutritional state.   He was a diet coke addict!! To say he drank a gallon a day is not an exaggeration. He drank it from morning to night. So how could he have time for water, right?? He also ate a Hershey bar for a snack at work everyday. He had interrupted sleep every night which means your truly did as well! He knew he had to make a change and I had been trying to get him to quit for years. He was also approaching 53 and needed to start making some changes.  So I started adding up how much money he was spending on his “bad habit” and was shocked that it was $200 a month!!!! Really, on soda and candy! And I was wondering where I was going to find the $4 a day for a healthy nutritious shake?

Decision was made. On June 26, 2010, I gave up my diet coke habit and so did Ed! He had a hard time but will tell you now, it was a great decision. By making those changes, adding Beachbody fitness programs, eating cleaner and having one shake a day as a snack,  he has dropped 40 pounds! I have lost 25 and we both continue to keep it off. We make Shakeology part of our day. Neither of us has been sick through 2 nasty NE winters. His allergies have been more controlled as well.  We really have not noticed a big dent in the budget since we don’t eat out as much and have cut out unhealthy options.

I have respect for the creators of Shakeology and have listened to them on many occasions discussing the benefits of it.  As well as I think I eat now, I would be hard pressed to try to get all the ingredients present in that one glass by eating food.  I appreciate what Shakeology has done for me and Ed and can’t see not having it everyday. I encourage people to try it. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so what is there to lose??  I have to say that it bothers me to drive by a Dunkin Donuts to see the lines coming out the parking lot or just watching the choices people make on unhealthy fast food and knowing they are spending alot of money.

So I guess when people ask me if it’s worth it, you know my answer. Isn’t your health worth it!