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Finding an Accountability System that Keeps You Pushing

Does this sound familiar? You decide that you have had enough and you are going to commit to working out, eating better and finally reaching the goal that you made for yourself. You hit it hard initially and you are feeling great about yourself. Then life gets in the way and you slack off a bit, missing a workout here and there, making not so great meal choices and then you’re telling yourself, “I’ll start again on Monday”?

I bet that is a reality for so many of us. So what can be done to get off that rollercoaster of failed attempts? My best advice to to surround yourself with someone or a group of people that are going to lift you up, to keep you accountable, to make sure you don’t quit and stay on track! Do you have people like that in your life? If not, where do you find them?

How to Surround Yourself with Support

  • Start with One– Pick that one person in your life who wants you to succeed and will be there every step of the way. This could be your spouse, parent, kids or best friend. Give them permission to call you out when you are slacking. Be accountable to them by showing them that you are getting it done. Send a text with a sweaty selfie after a workout, a pic of what you’re having for lunch or a message when you’re feeling weak and need some motivation.

  • Find a Community– there are so many groups of people trying to reach health and fitness goals. If you go to a gym, connect with people there, meet them for classes or offer to workout together. Make an appointment to show up at a certain time so you can’t miss it.  Online communities can be powerful as well. Search social media for people your age and with similar goals. Start a group yourself and invite people. I invite you to join my online Facebook group as we are there daily offering inspiration and the push that we all need 😉

  • Ask for help– If you’re struggling, reach out to someone who can help. Hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to get you fired up. Make an appointment with a nutritionist to guide you to better food choices. Ask your doctor to suggest support services and resources.  Talk to a life coach and please reach out to ME as I am happy to help!