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Eating Clean In Social Situations- Is it Possible?

Its no secret that eating clean is a heck of a lot easier when we are home and in control of not only what we eat but how it is prepared. As life would have it though, we must leave our homes to work and socialize which can often present challenges to staying on a healthy  track.

Whether you are dining out, attending a party, traveling, working or on vacation, being able to make smart choices can feel overwhelming. We are confronted with so many temptations and sometimes lack of choices that being a health conscious person can be a struggle.  So what is a clean eater to do??

Tips to Stay Clean While Out and About

  • Eat before you go– If you have a party to attend and you’re not sure what is on the menu, fill up beforehand. That way you will to be ravenous and can just pick at hopefully a few healthy options. This superfood shake has saved me on many occasions.

  • Offer to bring a dish that you will want to eat– Salad, shrimp, veggies and hummus, stuffed peppers or sushi
  • Have your water bottle handy so you can sip on that to stay hydrated and keep one hand busy 😉
  • Don’t stand near the food table but if you have to, park yourself in front of the veggie/fruit tray!

  • Attending an all day conference or traveling– Packing healthy snacks is key like fruit, nuts, whole grain crackers, nut butters, hummus. Plain yogurts, hard boiled eggs or meal replacement shake can be super helpful.

  • Eating at a restaurant– Don’t be shy to ask for exactly what you want and avoid things you don’t. Ask to have fish or meat grilled, any type of sauce on the side, salad dressings on the side. Request to forego the bread basket ( I know..a tough one! ). Double up on the veggies instead of white pastas and potatoes. Hold the extra salt and butter. Honestly. a great server won’t mind and a generous tip helps 😉

  • Dessert Dilemma– If a decadent treat is a must, try to go for a few bites or sample sizes. Split a yummy piece of cake or pie with your guest. Add a few pieces of fruit to your plate. Chocolate covered strawberries are a nice choice 😉

  • Limit the booze!– Of course, this is a tough one when we are at social gatherings but don’t overdue it. I usually will have a glass of a nice pinot noir but have a glass of water along side so I don’t drink it too fast.  The calories from alcohol can sneak up on you and sabotage a week of focus, so something to be mindful of!

I hope you find these tips helpful so you can enjoy eating out and being able to socialize but not jeopardize all your healthy efforts! Mangia!