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Are You Confused About Coconut Oil?

How many times does a news report come out with information contraindicating something you thought to be true?  Think back to the egg yolk controversy, butter vs margarine or even spring water vs tap. Well, now it seems that coconut oil has joined the ranks of something we need to second guess!!!  Yikes!

In a world of information overload and the ability to search endless articles on a particular subject, we can be left shaking our heads, shrugging our shoulders and throwing our hands up, not sure what to believe. It can leave us frustrated, curious and doubtful.  Now, with the latest report coming out that Coconut Oil is not as healthy as previously thought, it can be a cause for concern. Check out my video below with my thoughts 😉

Common Uses For Coconut Oil

  • Helpful in the Treatment of Alzheimers Disease– could help repair brain function
  • Prevent High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease– studies report it can increase HDL “good cholesterol”
  • Can cure UTI’s and Kidney Infections– a natural antibiotic 😉
  • Could help decrease inflammation and improve arthritis
  • Possibly helpful in the prevention of CANCER!
  • Is known to be Antifungal, Antiviral and Antibacterial– can help with bacteria growth in the body.

  • Aids in Digection– helps to absorb fat soluble vitamins like Calcium and Magnesium.
  • Improves Skin Issues– can be used for sunburns, healing, moisturizing and cleansing the skin.
  • Prevents Osteoporosis
  • Can Assist with Weight Loss– helps to burn fat and decrease appetite.
  • Improves Type 11 Diabetes– Coconut oil provides the body energy so that it doesn’t rely on sugar, therefore allowing the pancreas to function properly and not in overdrive producing excess insulin.
  • TWO IMPORTANT REASONS FOR ME– It can naturally balance hormones and improves antioxidants that can SLOW DOWN the aging process! BAMM!

Tips Worth Mentioning

~ It should be organic, cold pressed and unrefined. Extra virgin coconut oil has the greatest health benefits

~ It has zero sugar.

~ Use in moderation. I use a teaspoon when stir frying, sautéing or cooking eggs.

~ No need to refrigerate, I leave on my counter.

In case you missed the USA Today about claiming coconut oil is unhealthy, click here 

Health and nutrition expert Darin Oliens’s response to the USA Today article. This will dispute the first article.

I hope this information helps you decide. So are you for or against?


Doing your own research is important so you can feel confident that what you are taking into your body is healthy and beneficial to you.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or need advice. It is my pleasure to help you lead your BEST LIFE and Change4Good!