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Clean It Up! 5 Tips to Shopping Smarter

Many years ago, when I decided that I was going to clean up my diet, I was nervous that I wouldn’t know what to buy, that it would cost more, that I would have to shop in more expensive markets and how was I going to avoid the cookie aisle ;). My fear and intimidation didn’t last long as I felt it actually made it easier since I was shopping for certain types of food and eliminating many aisles all together.

I actually get excited when I find a certain vegetable like jicama or fennel, which I never would have eaten as a child, but now love to find different ways to add it to my meals. I am even bursting with pride when I look down at the conveyer belt  at the array of colorful and nutrition food and love when someone asks me what a certain food is that they don’t recognize. I start listing off a few ways of how to cook it and serve it to their families!

Tips That Help Me Shop Clean and Stick to it

  • Plan ahead– a crucial step is to have a list made that you created by planning your meals for the next 3-4 days. Only buying foods that you need to make your meals and not grabbing miscellaneous items will help keep you on track and your food costs down.
  • Shop alone– If you’re shopping for the family, leaving the kids at home so they are not begging for treat after treat. Have them tag along when you go to the farmers market as thats a great place to have them make choices a healthier treat 😉

  • Eat before you go– Going shopping on an empty stomach can put your food cravings go into overdrive and a clean food item might not cut it. You might grab something salty, crunchy or sugary and sabotage what your trying to do in the first place.
  • Shop the perimeter– Most of the foods you will need are on the outer walls of the store like the produce section, meats and fish, frozen foods, eggs and dairy section. I like to call the middle aisles “Death Valley” since that is where most of the boxed and bagged processed food is displayed. If I need to go into an aisle, it is usually for oatmeal, low sodium canned foods, oils, nut butters, tuna and broths.

  • Check out specialty health food stores – these shops usually offer some different varieties of clean foods to try. The produce may be fresher and more organic options available. I like Wholefoods to browse around and find items I can’t find at my local supermarket.

Here’s a few more tips that may help 😉

Shopping can be a fun adventure when you open up to trying new clean foods and recipes. Hoping these tips can help you with your food buying experience. Now get shopping 😉