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Changes I Made to be FIT and FAB over 50 Series. TIP #6- Just Show Up!

It is certainly no secret that being physically active is extremely important to our health and how our body functions.  We all know that the benefits of exercise are many, yet why do so many people find it hard to make it a priority and get it done?

Think back to your childhood when there was no thoughts about scheduling a workout into your day. We didn’t have to plan to do it. We were always walking, running, jumping and just playing, burning calories with our revved up metabolisms and not even thinking twice about it. Oh, to be young again!

As we grew older and life happened, exercise became something that had to be planned. Unfortunately for many, it became a low priority as we dealt with the activities of our day. Does that sound familiar? Believe me, my hand is raised! As a busy mom of 2 super active boys, a part time nurse and manager of the household, fitness often took a back seat. I would “get it in” when I could but in no way, consistently.

Click on my video to learn when I had my mindset shift and why I make fitness a priority.


My Two Words of Wisdom


When I realized that I could achieve results that honestly, I did not think I could at my age,  I knew that consistency was the key.  Being physically active each day, made a huge difference physically and mentally.  I committed to having a NO EXCUSE approach.  I schedule my workouts weeks and often months at a time.  I know what my workout will be each day so I don’t have to think about it.  I just show up, push play and get it done!  

Tip- Get your spouse and kids on board too! Being a role model for them is such a gift to pass on.  I’m so grateful that my husband is right there with me.  We have a goal to slow down the aging process as much as possible and enjoy life as a happy, healthy and fit couple 🙂


A wise friend gave me this advice and it stuck….find a program or a type of exercise that you enjoy so that each day, you will want to show up. There are so many options of fitness to choose from so finding what appeals to you is a major factor. Whether it be zumba, weight lifting, cross fit, running, yoga, whatever…pick your poison and GO FOR IT!


If you need even more wisdom and encouragement to start exercising, check out what these 3 experts have to say. 


So if you are looking to start a journey of being more fit, ready to challenge yourself to do something different or just need some encouragement to take the first step, please reach out to me and I am happy to help you get started. The first step can be the toughest sometimes but don’t let it keep you from being your best self 😉