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Changes I Made to be FIT and FAB over 50 Series. TIP 3- Drink Up!

Honestly, up until about 7 years ago, I did not really understand the importance of drinking the right amount of water each day. Sure, I drank some but as I look back, it certainly wasn’t what my body needed to function on a daily basis. And what I learned is that I am not alone.

According to a survey conducted by the Federal Centers of Disease Control-

  • 7 percent of adults report no water consumption at all..ZERO!
  • 36% drink 1-3 cups daily
  • 35% consume 4-7 cups
  • Only 22% drink the recommended 8 cups or more…meaning 4/5th of adults are drinking the right amount of water!

So, how much should we be drinking and how can we be sure we are sufficiently hydrated?

A rule of thumb that I use and what I recommend to people is to take your weight and divide it in half. That is a good measure of how much you should be drinking daily. For example, if you weight 160 pounds, you would drink 80 ounces of water daily. If you think about the rule we have heard before about eight, 8 ounces glasses then people who require more would not be getting enough. So what is your number?

I would also caution to increase your intake if you are sweating more with exercise or out in the heat as you can easily get dehydrated.


Tip #1 One way I ensure that I am getting in my daily amounts is to visually track it. You can use a water jug like this and have “water” marks to make sure you are keeping up while spacing a large amount throughout the day.

Tip #2– How about choosing a water bottle that you would take with you all day, to work, to school, in the car, to the gym etc and place an elastics around that would each represent 20 ounces.  Each time you drink one, take the elastic off. When you’re done removing your elastics, you know you hit your water goal of the day! Yay!

Tip #3 – We spend a 8 hours or more not drinking water while we sleep. Keep a water bottle next to your bed so as soon as you wake up, you can start replenishing right away.  Drinking 20-40 ounces, first thing, is a great way to allow your body to detox and get your metabolism revved up!


Check out some more helpful info and tips below.  I often run free 7 day hydration groups on facebook if you would ever like to join. Please reach out and happy to include you. My hope is that you can become more mindful of hydration and see if you can notice a difference in the way your body functions.

Cheers to drinking up! 



Benefits of Drinking Water

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