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Changes I Made to be FIT and FAB over 50 Series. Day 2- Pass the Salt!

Have you ever given much thought about salt? You probably know that our bodies need salt to survive. But did you know that not all salt is created equal and is often misunderstood?

Many associate high salt intake with high blood pressure which may influence how much salt people add to their food. Also, keep in mind that the salt found in processed food isn’t that same as the sodium we get from unrefined crystal which contains electrolytes such as Himalayan salt. This particular salt is GOOD for you!

Limiting processed foods high in sodium such as soups, sauces, beans, frozen dinners and chips can make a huge impact on your system. But think of salt as a food. We still need it to function at a cellular level.  So what do you do to ensure you are getting the healthiest intake of salt in your diet? Himalayan salt to the rescue!!

Look for Himalayan salt in your market. Most stores carry them now and are usually bottled as pretty pink crystals with a built-in grinder or already ground up in a shaker. Then do me a favor……THROW your white table salt away! This salt is bleached..yes, bleached to look white, chemically cleaned and contains more sodium chloride then unrefined salt.  This is the type of salt that can cause health problems which can be prevented. I was shocked to learn that it contains 84 trace elements and minerals and enhances food to taste so much better.


  • Sprinkle on eggs, vegetables, sweet potatoes and soups
  • Use it in cooking like you would table salt
  • Use it in the bath tub for detoxing and increasing circulation (who knew)
  • Salt lamps are becoming more popular as it helps to purify the air 

For more benefits and uses, here’s a great article that shares why Himalayan Salt is better than common table salt 

I hope this information helps and you consider changing up the way you season your food so that you’ll have everyone in your family saying “Pass the Salt”!


Himalayan Salt

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