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Changes I Made to be FIT and FAB over 50 Series. Day 1- Ditch the Soda!

Where are all my soda lovers, diet and/or regular?  Have you given any thought to giving it up? Did you ever see an article or video that made you think twice that maybe this is not such a great thing for yourself and your family?

Eight years, if you had asked me these questions, I would have said “Yeah, I’m good, I only drink 1-2 a day, so how harmful can that be?” I mean, I am a nurse and at the time, I considered myself fairly health conscious. I didn’t think a few diet sodas would impact my body that much. Well, thankfully, on June 26, 2010,  I realized I was wrong and learned some pretty startling information that made a big impact on myself, my husband and our kids. Take a listen and see if you can relate….

Once I made the decision to cut out all types of soda and beverages that were artificially sweetened and preserved, I was amazed at how much better I felt. To make sure I didn’t experience headaches or drowsiness from the lack of caffeine, I pushed my water intake to make sure I was fully hydrating. I would find ways to flavor my water with lemon, fruit and other natural additives. Opting for decaf iced tea with some natural stevia helped add some flavor to what I was drinking daily and I found I was not missing the diet soda at all. My husband and sons all felt the same way and it became something we never miss anymore.


This video below was shared with me and the information included has always stuck. I found it so interesting and presented in a way that just made so much sense. I send this video to people often in an attempt to educate more on the health risks associated with drinking these particular beverages.  I urge you to take a quick listen and see if it strikes a chord with you too 😉

I truly am passionate about helping people realize that there are other options aside from soda that will fuel their bodies. You don’t have to take my word for it, do some of your own research and decide for yourself. The choice is yours 😉


Facts and Dangers of Diet Soda

From Visually.