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To achieve a goal, you need a plan and the tools in place so that you can succeed. This program will provide all you will need to get started, stay consistent and notice positive results. It's time to put the FOCUS on YOU. Will you let me by your partner along your journey? Together, you WILL reach your goals!

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Here’s What You Can Expect From My VIP Program

  1. Initial 30 min jumpstart session to discuss goals and set up your plan
  2. Streaming All Access to over 80 programs fitness programs
  3. Two different simple to follow nutrition programs with portion control containers and a tracker book
  4. 30 days of a delicious daily nutritious superfood shake and shaker cup
  5. Beachbody On Demand phone app to log workouts, daily meals, search recipes and track weekly progress
  6. Weekly Meal Tracker guide and access to a live cooking demonstrations
  7. Daily accountability and 15-minute weekly check-in/progress call
  8. VIP support group along with a community of other like-minded and motivated participants
  9. 30-minute call once a month to update goals and review program
  10. 30-day money-back guarantee
  11. ME, as your coach and partner, for a FULL year


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Consistency over time is the answer to getting results and finding a program that is sustainable, that will keep you showing up each day, is so important. In order to transform our bodies, we have to change our mindsets and our habits. Fueling our bodies with proper nutrition, exercise and supplementing with a nutrient dense shake, while staying connected to our community, is the way to achieve success.

I’ve got your back, every single step of the way!

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What Actual Clients Have To Say!

"I was introduced to Beachbody by my friend Denise MacDonald around 6-7 yrs ago and I've never looked back! She told me that Chalene extreme would be perfect for me and she was right! And Denise has been my coach ever since! She has guided me and helped me in so many ways to stay fit thru encouragement and motivation as well as nutritionally by sharing great recipes and tips! And she's done it all with enthusiasm, heart and humor! She got me involved in challenge groups which became the next best thing and she treats us all like family! There's never any judgement or criticism, only love and true caring! Thanks Denise! You're the Best! "

~ _ Lisa

"Denise has been a source of great information and guidance for me. She has helped me chose programs that fit my lifestyle, in which I had success with. Denise has always been there for me to talk with when I've had great weeks and not so great weeks. She has been a great motivator for me and my #1 cheerleader. When I'm feeling bad about those off days or weeks she always shows me a better perspective and helps me put it behind me and focus on today. It's truly a pleasure to have someone appreciate that life happens, we're not perfect and we are all a work in progress. Thank you Denise!"

~ - Lois

"I'm very grateful to Denise for introducing me to the beach body program. I never thought I would like working out at home but I love it, I just press play and don't have to think about what to do, I just follow the program. Denise is always there for me for support and encouragement and is only a phone call away if I have a question. She's an inspiration to me and I truly appreciate all she does for me! "

~ - Lynn