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To Buy Organic or Not? Do You Know About the Dirty Dozen?

How many times are you at the supermarket and overwhelmed by all the options of fruits and vegetables and whether you should spend the extra money for organic brands? For most people trying to shop on a budget, purchasing all organic foods would be quite expensive and is it really necessary? Can we make healthy and safe choices without breaking the bank?

Check out this handy graphic of foods on both lists, the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15

TIP: make a note in your phone so you can refer to it while you’re shopping 😉

The Dirty Dozen

From Visually.

So there you go, some great info of things you may have already known about and some new tips learned. Knowledge is power and when it comes to buying healthy food for yourself and your family, keep educated and up to date on updates on food conditions since things are always changing 😉

If you want some more helpful info, I found this video and website interesting.

If you could use some help with clean eating and improving your daily nutrition, sign up for a free consultation. I’m happy to help.

Happy Shopping 😉