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When Your Body Says Yes- But Your Mind Says NO!

How many times to do you have the best intentions to get up early or run to the gym after work to get your workout done? But when it comes to actually lacing up the sneakers or changing into your sports bra and yoga pants, you start to think…”Hmmm, not sure I feel like doing this today”.   You literally start talking yourself out of it and come up with a bunch of reasonable excuses to put it off “Till tomorrow”. You find yourself saying “I will do it later today” or “I will double up tomorrow” but you know, full well, that it just won’t happen! Sound familiar?

So what can we do to make sure our mind doesn’t talk us out of doing an activity that we know our body needs? Its true, our bodies crave exercise.  It’s not a secret that we function so much better when our heart is pumping, blood is flowing and joints and muscles engaged.

How To Convince Yourself To Get it Done

  • Lay your workout clothes and sneakers out the night before so you can put them on once you wake up. When you’re outfitted, you are more apt to just do it!
  • If you’re paying for a gym or classes, not going is like throwing money away. You signed up so you will go!

  • Do you have kids that are watching you exercising? They are aware when you are not doing it too 😉
  • Post a specific schedule that doesn’t have any holes for skipping. If you miss, it will mess-up your whole week.
  • It’s YOUR time, an opportunity to get your mind right and set yourself up for a productive day.

  • Take a shot of a pre workout drink so once you do, you have to push play. I use Energize and it always gets me a little more fired up!
  • Make a date with a partner or spouse that you CAN NOT break! Consider it an appointment that you just can’t cancel 😉

  • Think about how it feels when you’re done. You know you will have that burst of “feel good” hormones and you will feel strong and proud of yourself for not giving in to excuses 😉

A few more tips that can help

Only you know what motivates you to stay true to the commitment you made to yourself to be more active, improve your health and not give up.  When your mind starts to play with your actions, SHUT it off, stay motivated and just DO IT!!!  You know you’ll feel awesome!