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Balance Can Be a Balancing Act

If you’re over 50, you may have noticed that your balance may be off a bit and guess what…You are not alone.  As we age, 3 of our systems can be effected resulting in instability. Our vision, inner ear and muscular skeletal systems help us to remain balanced, so you can imagine, if there is some deterioration in these areas, it will effect ambulation. Isn’t that special!!?

Please listen as I share some thoughts about balance, along with my husband Ed, who as you’ll hear, must be doing something right as he is rocking balance at 60! He is still playing ice hockey with guys that are in their 20’s!

We tend to think that loss of balance is a problem for older people but, it turns out balance tends to start declining in midlife and can actually start when one is 25!  Isn’t that crazy that we need to be conscious of strength, agility and muscle mass even at a young age?

Balance can be a very complicated process but improving it can be simple


  • Practice standing on one foot- challenging yourself to increase the duration. If that’s too difficult at first, start by using a chair back or bathroom counter for support. If it’s easy, try raising your foot higher or holding it out to the side. For extra challenge, try standing on a throw pillow or closing your eyes.

  • Try heel-to-toe walking, as if on a balance beam.
  • Practice getting in and out of a chair without using your hands. Try getting up off the floor without using your hands. Its tough.
  • Exercise while standing on a wobble board or Bosu ball- Focus on a certain spot on the wall or floor as that help to stabilize.

  • Try tai chi or yoga. The evidence that yoga and tai chi can improve balance is especially strong, and studies show it is quite safe for people of all ages and fitness levels. Beachbody has an amazing array of yoga and Tai Cheng workouts that you can do at home. We use them often and feel that they are helping us be more balanced. Check it out here

So the GOOD NEWS is that it is never too late to start improving your balance. By concentrating on different forms of exercise that challenge strength and balance, you can avoid injury, falls and lead a more fit life.

Please reach out if you need some advice on workouts and as always, I am happy to help. If you would like more info about a challenge and support group I run each month, click the pic for more details.

Cheers to your health and life of balance 😉