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Quick and Easy Snacking Secrets to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Autumn Calabrese shares her tips on how to lose weight and stay healthy even if you are on the go. Being prepared is not just half the battle, it is the battle. I have to agree! I advise my clients always about planning and prepping for success. If you leave Snack Healthythe house armed with healthy options, you are less likely to grab something which is probably not going to be the healthiest choice.

This video breaks down many snack options you can pack for the day so you can stay on track.


  1. Make a grocery list and have the food in your house
  2. Know what you like that is healthy
  3. Use snack size bags
  4. Slice up fruit and veggies
  5. Make your own trail mix
  6. Protein bars, check the labels. Not all are created equal.
  7. Measure out nut butters, hummus, yogurts