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3 Day Plan to Say Goodbye to Unwanted Summer Pounds

Who can relate to gaining weight on Summer vacation or just after the long awesome season in general?  I am sure I am not alone! Admittedly, the warm Summer months are tough for me as I tend to have more events, weddings, dinners out, spending long days at the beach, cookouts and more. Some people will argue and say that Winter is their downfall but for me it’s the opposite.

I do believe that it’s ok to go off track a bit and enjoy myself on vacation but I know that I need help to “right the wagon” after it’s over.  I found a 3 day plan a few years ago that helped me lose some weight and feel less bloated and I have used it a few times since. It works like a charm every time 😉

Heres some info that will give you some detail on what’s involved with the 3 Day Refresh Program  so feel free to take a peek. I thought it would be helpful to give you some examples of what I eat while I do it and my results 😉



Close to a 4 pound drop from Monday to Thursday morning! I’ll take it 😉


Breakfast is a yummy Nutrient dense Superfood Shake with Frozen berries

Lunch consists of another delicious vanilla vegan protein shake, along with a serving of fruit, veggie and a healthy fat.

 A few Dinner options include spinach salad, stir fry veggies, carrot seaweed medley or moroccan carrot salad. All pretty tasty 😉



  • Weight loss- I have some clients that have lost 3-8 pounds
  • Less belly bloat- I have noticed that my belly gets flatter and feels lighter
  • Better digestion as a scoop of “Fiber Sweep” midmorning is a feature.
  • More energy
  • Sleep improves
  • Mindset shift- after day 3, you see results, feel better and want it to continue. I know it that it helps me get into a better mindset about my food choices and stay motivated.
  • Keeping a daily Shakeology meal continuing as part of daily intake really helps to cut cravings and decrease hunger.
  • Workouts can be done but I recommend mild to moderate exertion since the calorie intake is lower than you’re used to 😉

You will SEE and FEEL a difference. Can you tell with my pics? The left side was Monday Aug 21 and the right picture is today Monday Aug 24. Yay!

Please reach out and contact me if you would like more info or have questions. I am happy to set you up and guide you along the 3 days for support. Let this be a tool that helps you jumpstart into a healthier Fall season. Who’s ready?